The Chordsmen love to sing well and have fun doing just that!

To support this vision, the Chordsmen have a two part audition process for prospective members.

The “Phase I” audition helps us determine in which voice part the prospective member will be most comfortable. In this audition we check pitch matching, rhythm matching, harmonizing, among other things. Upon the passing of the “Phase I” the prospective member is then welcome to join the general chorus.

In the “Phase II” audition, the chorus member sings their part (i.e. lead) in a quartet with the three section leaders on a song chosen in advance by the Music Team. Their performance is evaluated by the director and the section leader. There is no time limit between the “Phase I” and “Phase II” auditions. There is learning material available and time to practice singing in a quartet before the “Phase II” audition is scheduled. Passing the “Phase II” audition then entitles the member to perform with the chorus on any public event.

The process is designed to help the person become a better singer as each Chordsmen does evrytime they practice.